Shocking and Deadly Side Effects in Statin Drugs.

I start up by explaining the Statin drugs. These drugs are prescribed for lowering cholesterol. Most of us we are aware of Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor, but there are others. So, Statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. Basically they work by blocking the enzyme (HMG-CoA) in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol.


It is now 13 years since these toxic drugs were prescribed to me. They have a ton of negative side effects. Unfortunately back then, we didn’t have all this data we have now and still the biggest population is not aware of what is being prescribed to them. Today am going to give reasons why you should not take the statin drugs. The best of all medication is natural alternatives. This is why:

  1. They do not work.

Statin drugs do lower your cholesterol levels, but don’t lower your risk of heart disease, heart attacks or strokes.

Based on statistics of Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), statins reduce the risk for only 1% of the population and that’s it. This is why people, who take statin drugs, still have heart attacks and strokes.


  1. Increase your risk major disease, including cancer.

Statins increase your risk for diabetes. In addition, what is interesting is that over 50% of people who have heart diseases, have elevated glucose and blood sugar levels.

Therefore, the irony is that the statin drugs will indirectly increase your risk of heart diseases by increasing your blood sugar levels and making you potentially diabetic.

Statin can cause:


  • Neurodegenerative diseases, such as memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Huntington and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, leading to muscle pain and weakness (myalgia), muscle cramps and other muscular problems.
  • Cataracts, which is a clouding of your eye lens and is the main cause of low vision among the elderly.
  • Cancer, where research has shown that long-term statin use (10years or longer):
    • doubles women’s risk of two major types of breast cancer; and
    • Significantly increases risks for prostate cancer in men.
  1. Depletes important nutrients

Statin drugs deplete two very important nutrients in your body:

  • The first is coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is used for energy production by every cell in your body and is therefore vital for good health, high energy levels, longevity, and general quality of life.

What is important to know is that your heart is the most energy-demanding organ in your body. By depleting CoQ10, your heart slowly becomes weaker and ages faster. So while one of statins’ original claims to fame is warding off heart disease, you are actually increasing your risk when you deplete your body of CoQ10.

The depletion of CoQ10 caused by the statin drug, ironically, can increase your risk of acute heart failure.

  • In addition to CoQ10 being depleted, statin drugs also reduce Vitamin K2. It is important to know that Vitamin K2 protects your arteries from calcification. Without it, plaque levels worsen.

Vitamin K2’s biological role is to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body such as bones and teeth. It also plays a role in removing calcium from areas where it shouldn’t be, such as arteries and soft tissues.

  1. Liver problems and toxicity.


Of all the negative side effects associated with statin drugs, the most common is drug-induced liver injury. This accounts for a whopping 57% of all statin-related adverse drug reactions, which include potential severe (and some cases deadly) consequences such as:

  • Death from acute liver failure
  • Liver transplantation
  • Jaundice


Liver problems are so bad with statin drugs that each year there are millions of people diagnosed with moderate to serious liver dysfunction. Remember, your liver detoxifies and cleanses your entire body. Therefore, poor liver function greatly accelerates aging.

  1. Natural alternatives.

Nature already has the answers, not the pharmaceutical companies. Drugs can be used short-term, to quickly improve a health problem temporarily. However, positive long-term benefits can only be seen and felt using natural means.

Obviously, a healthy diet and regular exercise program is important, but for some people, this usually isn’t enough especially if you get older.

I have, and still am spending my time in research, finding clinically proven herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, just anything natural that could help create healthy cholesterol levels, while also improving your other lipid levels.


This way, you have a simple and convenient solution for high cholesterol levels, while being so much safer from statin drugs.

Post Author: Eliud Muya

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