Anxiety vs Responsibility

Anxiety and uncertainty may be two rhyming words but they also have some synonymity. They both are rooted to responsibility.

It is my humble opinion that the level at which an individual’s attitude to responsibility will determine how his certainty or lack thereof is. If your attitude of responsibility is low, you are most likely going to be negative, pessimistic, defeatist, cynical aimless, fearful and neurotic.

Thomas Szasz puts it well “there’s no such thing as mental illness but many varying degrees of irresponsibility.

This is my observation after reading this article by Crystal a great writer. I would say to Crystal if an individual takes on self-governance anxiety will fade away. Self-reliance and self-control are the basis of kicking anxiety out.

There is a direct relationship between how much responsibility you accept in any are of your life, and how much control you feel in that area. I am aware that we all have various self-concept regarding many areas of our being, but self-responsibility can never be overemphasized.

My empathy goes to those who are dealing with anxiety. However, feelings like doubt and fear, guilt and resentment, envy and jealousy are emotions that serve no purpose. They are vagabond. They don’t belong to you unless you allow them to dwell in you.

Before I put my foot in my mouth with my two cents, please read Crystal’s article below.

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